Do Pornstars Have Aids?

In 2004, Escort pornstar Lara Roxx was diagnosed with HIV and was forced to stop working after testing positive. Lara had just been in the industry for six months and was forced to work with Darren James. The two had unprotected sex and were filmed with four other men on the same day. This was all to appease her agent. Lara was eventually diagnosed with HIV, and now runs a foundation for HIV patients.

Some porn stars are now turning to condoms for sex. The industry is obligated to test actors for HIV every 14 days. However, the tests are not 100 percent accurate, so some pornstars have been infected with HIV and are not aware of it. It is therefore important for porn stars to use condoms and get regular tests.

Currently, porn stars who want to continue working have to submit their lab test results. Major companies have also begun a moratorium on new pornography, as the news of Bay’s HIV-positive test raised concerns. However, the moratorium on production was lifted soon after. Meanwhile, Rod Daily revealed via Twitter that he had tested positive for HIV within two weeks of Bay’s announcement.

Another pornstar escorts who have had HIV is Mark Anthony, a male porn star who had both gay and straight sex. He had been diagnosed with HIV after having unprotected sex with a Brazilian porn actress. He later passed away in January 2021.

Although the number of people infected with HIV and AIDS in the porn industry is still small, it is growing. AIDS in the porn industry has become a major issue, and for porn stars, it has been a career killer. According to Los Angeles County health officials, 16 performers have been diagnosed with HIV since 2004. In addition, Derrick Burts, a gay porn star, was HIV positive in 2010. He had condoms while working on gay porn films, but was HIV-positive before he moved into straight productions.

Pornstars with HIV are more likely to get it through personal contact than through pornography. As such, it is important for pornstar escort to use condoms. Most pornstars also undergo regular HIV tests, and they are required to undergo at least two tests every 14 days. In addition, porn stars are prohibited from having sex with people who are untested.

In California, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is pushing for a law that requires pornstars to wear condoms during filming. However, the industry has argued against the measure, saying it would undermine the authenticity of their films. Despite its opposition to the law, the industry is working hard to keep its stars safe.


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